Emmerdale historyEdit

  • 1973 - Peggy Skilbeck gives birth to twins Sally and Sam.
  • 1986 - Jack Sugden rushes his wife Pat to hospital when she starts getting contractions, but is told she has had a false labour.
  • 2008 - The King brothers and Donald De Souza attend the Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Hotten Golf Club. At the luncheon, Carl and Matthew clash and when a group photo is being taken for the Hotten Courier, fists start to fly. Carl leaves the building, but Matthew follows him outside. When Carl comments flippantly that it's a good job he killed their father, Matthew sees red and viciously beats his brother with a golf club.
  • 2018 - Phil Webb is sentenced to four years imprisonment on two counts of blackmail and harassment. Charity Dingle is horrified to see DI Bails on TV before breaking down and telling girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield that Bails raped her when she was 14. Despite Charity wanting to keep it quiet, Vanessa reports him to the police.

Real worldEdit

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