Emmerdale historyEdit

  • 2004 - Rodney Blackstock tries to bond with his son Paul, but it goes wrong when he unintentionally makes an insensitive remark.
  • 2010 - Moira Barton is arrested for possession of drugs.
  • 2011 - Amy Wyatt secretly gives birth to a baby in the cemetery. Terrified that the infant is dead, she wraps it up in her coat and places the bundle in the phone box and flees. Hazel Rhodes later discovers the baby lying in there. Amy's foster parents Eric and Val Pollard are shocked when they are told about Amy's baby, not even knowing she was pregnant.
  • 2014 - A drunk Kirin Kotecha crashes his car into Moira Dingle's, leaving her unconscious.

Real worldEdit

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Episodes were broadcast on the 1st December on the following years:

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