• 1st January - Cain Dingle is violently attacked by Isaac Nuttall and his friends.
  • 2nd JanuaryBernice Blackstock suffers a severe allergic reaction to filler cosmetics.
  • 3rd January - Dawn Taylor takes an overdose.
  • 4th January - Mandy Dingle returns to Emmerdale for the first time in over seventeen years with her son Vinny in tow.
  • 7th January - Marlon Dingle and Jessie Grant legally marry.
  • 8th January - Chas Dingle, Marlon and Mandy learn that Kenneth Kirk may not be Paddy's biological father. Mandy leaves the village. One of the Dingles' pigs, Gloria, has been killed. Joe Tate is reported as a missing person.
  • 10th JanuaryDonny Cairn sets fire to the bins outside The Woolpack. Vanessa Woodfield tries to stop him but is stabbed by Donny with a broken bottle. Donny steals Vanessa's car, unaware Vanessa's son Johnny is in the back. Vanessa's girlfriend Charity Dingle catches up to him and hits him with a metal pole in self-defence, knocking him unconscious. Donny is arrested. Lachlan White is sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • 11th January - Donny shops his son Lachlan to the police after tricking Lachlan into making a confession while visiting him in prison.
  • 14th January - Cain confesses to his daughter Debbie Dingle that he killed Joe.
  • 17th January - Charity proposes to Vanessa, but she rejects her after discovering that Charity has hijacked somebody else's proposal. However, Charity later re-proposes and Vanessa accepts.
  • 22nd January - Cain is arrested on suspicion of Joe's murder.
  • 24th January - Bob Hope is admitted to hospital after developing hypothermia from sleeping outside over the night.
  • 28th January - Billy Fletcher punches his half-brother Ellis Chapman after Ellis winds Billy up about his deceased father. Later, Billy is arrested after Ellis reports him to the police.
  • 31st January - Daz Spencer leaves the village for a job in Croydon.
  • 7th February - Maya Stepney is injured when she falls through a chair and through a table whilst trying to leave the village, after Jacob Gallagher threatens to expose their affair.
  • 14th February - Ellis attempts to run over Billy, but swerves at the last second and crashes into the Pirate Ship.
  • 15th February - Nicola King is arrested for fraud after confessing to PC Swirling over conning Graham Foster out of thousands of pounds, in front of the villagers.
  • 21st February - Matty is almost run over by Pete Barton in the tractor when the brakes fail. Pete crashes into the barn, seriously injuring Rhona Goskirk who was inside. Rhona later learns that she has fibroids and may need a hysterectomy.
  • 4th March - Maya Stepney sleeps with Jacob Gallagher for the first time.
  • 5th March - Maya Stepney sleeps with Jacob Gallagher for a second time, whilst David Metcalfe is sleeping in the same house.
  • 7th March - Paddy and Kerry Wyatt crash Marlon and Jessie's honeymoon to Belfast, where Paddy informs Bear Wolf that he is his son, and Kerry meets her daughter Amy for the first time in six years.
  • 8th March - Chas reveals to Laurel that she is pregnant again, 5 months after losing Grace. Charity visits Lisa Dingle in Scotland where Lisa reveals to Charity that she is dying.
  • 11th March - Rhona has a hysterectomy. Amy is arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Kyle Winchester in 2013.
  • 12th March - Maya Stepney sleeps with Jacob Gallagher again at the Emmerdale Village Institute.
  • 14th March - Kim Tate return to the village after spending 5 months in prison. Later, Megan Macey dumps Graham after she and Priya Kotecha catch him and Kim together, half-dress.
  • 18th March - Joe Tate is revealed to be alive after 5 months, believing he was killed by Cain who still has no idea the truth. The only person who knew Joe is alive is Graham but Kim finds out Graham's lies.
  • 26th March - Rishi Sharma reveals that he and Manpreet Sharma got married in Las Vegas.
  • 28th March - Cain discovers Joe is not dead. Vanessa drives off in Mike Anderson's car and leaves it in the field. Then, Vanessa, Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden return the car back to the owner.
  • 5th April - Harriet Finch gets mugged by an unknown person.
  • 17th April - Harriet's stalker is revealed to be Will Taylor, Dawn's "dead" father.
  • 25th April - Priya tells Leyla Harding and Tracy Metcalfe that she witnessed Jacob and Maya kissing.
  • 26th April - Ellis ends up in the hospital after being stabbed the night before.
  • 30th April - Megan, distracted by her phone, rear-ends Jamie Tate's car, who in turn accidentally knocks down Eric Pollard. Shortly after, Jamie suffers a panic attack before meets his mum for the first time in years.
  • 7th May - In a flashback to 25th April, Billy is confronted by the brothers of Riley, the person that he attacked and was imprisoned for. Billy pulls a knife but is disarmed and he flees. However, the brothers later stab Ellis. Billy calls the ambulance for Ellis but he ends up left Ellis before the ambulance arrives. Another flashback which also dating the same date, Maya is kidnapped by Priya, Leyla and Tracy, but escapes after jumping out of the moving car. Leyla and Maya fight, in which Leyla hits Maya over the head with a rock and leaves her to die, unaware that Maya has survived and met with Jacob (who was thought by his family to be in Portugal at the time) at a hotel.
  • 8th May - Victoria tells Moira Dingle about the rape in a series of flashbacks also dating to 25th April, in which Victoria meets a man, Lee Posner. After being walked home by Lee, he rapes Victoria.
  • 9th May - Following the tense conversation between Priya, Tracy and Leyla, Jacob finally confesses to David about him and Maya.
  • 10th May - Victoria tells Diane Sugden, Robert and Aaron that she was raped by Lee and she is pregnant from the rape.
  • 13th May - Zak Dingle and Lisa return to the village after spending a couple of months in Scotland. Later, Lisa reveals to Belle and the Dingles that she is dying.
  • 21st May - Maya is arrested by the police. Later, Leyla, Tracy and Priya are arrested for assaulting and kidnapping Maya.
  • 22nd May - David publicity reveals that Maya sexually abuses Jacob.
  • 23rd May - Lisa and Zak get married for the second time but hours later, Lisa dies in her sleep at their house.
  • 6th June - Lisa's funeral takes place.
  • 12th June - Ellis accidentally hits Marlon over the head with a rolling pin, mistaking him as Max Garrick.
  • 20th June - Maya is sentenced to prison for a year.
  • 25th June - Max takes April Windsor, Marlon and Jessie hostage. Billy arrives and fights with Max before Max shoots Jessie.
  • 3rd July - Human Bones has been found under Hotten Academy.
  • 4th July - The mysterious Jennifer Finn's identity is revealed as Lydia Hart.
  • 30th July - Liam Cavanagh and Bernice get engaged. Robert whacks Lee over the head with a shovel, knocking him out cold after Lee makes comments about his rape of Victoria. He is later taken away by ambulance and declared to be in a coma.
  • 1st August - Kerry and Amy Wyatt unknowingly starts a fire by destroying the CCTV footage at the sweet factory after stealing charity money from the safe. Frank Clayton dies from an explosion outside the factory after he saved his daughter, Tracy Metcalfe, from the burning building. 
  • 8th August - Robert is arrested for GBH after Lee wakes up from his coma and his story doesn't match with Robert's. He is later told he could be facing life imprisonment. 
  • 15th August - Tracy and Vanessa are told that the investigation of the factory fire is colsed, stating that all signs pointed towards Frank.
  • 26th August - Frank's funeral takes place.
  • 28th August - Liv Flaherty has a seizure and collapses.
  • 5th September - Robert pleads guilty of GBH after changing his mind at the last minute.
  • 26th September - Moira exposed Harriet's boyfriend Will's past as a drug trafficker, resulting in a huge backlash in the village.
  • 3rd October - Kerry reveals to Tracy that she was responsible for Frank's death, leading to Tracy accidentally shoving her to the floor and banging her head in the process.
  • 7th October - Kerry suffers from a rare syndrome known as cardiac tamponade which causes her to go into arrest.
  • 9th October - Vanessa is arrested for assaulting a nurse.
  • 10th October - Mandy Dingle pretends to be Lydia Hart when a solicitor turns up at the Dingle's homestead when Lydia is left a large sum of money.

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