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  • 1st January - Victoria Sugden gives birth to a son, whom she names Harry.
  • 2nd January - Bernice Blackstock ends her relationship with Liam Cavanagh after he confessed that he kissed Leyla Harding on phone.
  • 9th January - Moira Dingle gets drunk and collapses by the side of the road after almost being hit by a car. She is taken to hospital by the woman driving the car who is then revealed to be Nate Robinson's mum Cara. Sarah Sugden reports her boyfriend Danny Harrington to the police after he attempts to get her to sell drugs.
  • 13th JanuaryAaron Dingle is told by Pete Barton that Rebecca White won't let him see his step-son Seb anymore. Graham Foster deletes a mysterious message from Rhona Goskirk's answering machine and later returns home with bloody knuckles. 
  • 20th January - On the official opening of Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits, Kim Tate declares her love for Graham but after she discovers he has lied to her and secretly been stealing money from her account, she offers to pay Al Chapman to kill him. Later, Graham is murdered by an unknown assailant and Al finds the body.
  • 21st January - In a flashback to 20th January, Graham reveals Jai Sharma's cocaine addiction relapse to his girlfriend Laurel Thomas who breaks up with him. A coked-up Jai attacks his father, Rishi, and later goes out in the night vowing revenge on Graham. Graham is shown to be hit over the head by an unknown assailant. Jai later returns and collapses outside of Holdgate Farm.
  • 22nd January - In a flashback to 20th January, Charity Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield's plans to get married are ruined when Graham locks Charity's son Ryan Stocks in a shed after he refuses to continue to help him steal money from Kim's account. Charity and Ryan head out in the night to get back at him. Graham's falls over the edge of a bridge.
  • 23rd January - In a flashback to 20th January, Andrea Tate discovers that her husband Jamie has hired a private investigator to follow her and asks Graham for dirt on him and his mother Kim. After Graham reveals what he helped Andrea with a fight breaks out between him and Jamie. Furious at Graham, Andrea and Jamie both head out into the night vowing revenge. Graham is hit by a car which causes him to roll off a bridge and Andrea is later in the woods covered in blood. In another flashback, Marlon is furious to find out that Graham and Rhona Goskirk are planning to move to France with his son Leo. At night, while attempting to meet Marlon, Graham gets wrecked in the head by Rhona's rapist ex-husband Pierce Harris who is revealed to be out of prison.
  • 24th January - In a final flashback to 20th January, Pierce is revealed to be the one who killed Graham, hitting him on the head and dragging him through the woods, hitting him with his car so he falls off the bridge before finally finishing him off with a blow to the head after an intense fight. Further flashbacks to 13th January, reveals the mysterious deleted message was a message confirming Pierce's release from prison which prompted Graham to go to Pierce's apartment and beat him up.
  • 28th January - Marlon is charged with Graham's murder. Jai discovers he attacked Jimmy King on the night when Graham was killed.
  • 4th February - 10-year-old April Windsor runs away from home after discovering she's been lied to about kids not being allowed in prisons, which meant she couldn't go see her father Marlon in prison.
  • 5th February - Sandy Thomas dies. 
  • 6th February - Arthur Thomas tells his mother, Laurel, he's the one who's been hurting 8-year-old Archie Breckle
  • 10th February - Pete leaves the village.
  • 13th February - Pierce takes Vanessa and her 4-year-old son Johnny captive at Mulberry Cottage
  • 17th February - Vanessa, who is still being held hostage by Pierce, is revealed to have bowel cancer. 
  • 20th February - Nate is accidentally shot in the abdomen by Cain, thinking he was a rustler trying to invade Moira's farm.
  • 25th February - The hostage situation reaches its climax when Rhona comes face to face with Pierce at Mulberry Cottage. Kim arrives and gets knocked out by Pierce who ties her up and leaves her upstairs with Vanessa and Johnny. Rhona managed to win Pierce's trust and uses Kim's phone to live-stream Pierce confessing to murdering Graham, alerting the villagers who call the police. In the end, Rhona outsmarts Pierce, injecting him with a vial strong enough to sedate a bull and he falls to the floor before the police arrive and arrest him.
  • 27th February - Vanessa tells Charity that she has bowel cancer. Doug Potts leaves the village for Australia.
  • 2nd March - Pierce pleads guilty to Graham's murder. Kim holds Graham's funeral without telling anyone. 
  • 5th March - Dawn Taylor is granted sole care of her son LucasDI Malone arrives in the village to investigate the gun used in Nate's shooting. It is revealed he was the leader for the gang Will Taylor once worked for and starts blackmailing him. 
  • 9th March - Charity blurts out to Tracy Metcalfe that Vanessa has cancer. 
  • 11th March - Cain warns DI Malone to leave Will alone but showing he won't be controlled by Cain, Malone kills one of Moira's bulls, showing what he is capable of. 
  • 12th March - Laurel tells Jai that Arthur has been hurting Archie. 
  • 18th March - Vanessa's surgery successfully removes the tumour in her bowel but she's told she'll still need chemo as a precaution. 
  • 19th March - Marlon suffers a small heart attack and Paddy Kirk accidentally leaves his baby daughter Eve in the car whilst taking Marlon to hospital. 
  • 23rd March - Eve Dingle, Theo Metcalfe and Harry Sugden's joint christening takes place. David Metcalfe is granted parental responsibility of his son Theo. 
  • 26th March - Dan Spencer suffers a severe allergic reaction and collapses, hurting his back. He is found by Brenda Walker and Eric Pollard and taken to hospital where a scan reveals that one of the interlocking bones in his spine has fractured, rendering him paralysed from the knees down.
  • 27th March - Pierce is sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, false imprisonment and murder. 
  • 6th April - Billy Fletcher is arrested on suspicion of assault. 
  • 17th April - Sam Dingle and Lydia Hart get married.
  • 29th April - During an Easter egg hunt, Andrea catches Jamie and Belle Dingle kissing, thereby finding out about their affair.
  • 1st May - Malone sends Billy and Cain out on a job. Will realises they are being set up.
  • 4th May - Malone stops Billy and Cain's car and searches their car for drugs but comes up empty. Malone realises Will tipped them off and has him brutally beaten up. 
  • 8th May - Arthur accidentally sets the tent which his sister Dotty inside during an argument with Archie.
  • 15th May - Malone reveals that he and Harriet had an affair back in the day and Harriet sleeps with him again, cheating on Will.
  • 22nd May - Will proposes to Harriet.
  • 25th May - Harriet accepts Will's proposal.
  • 27th May - Vinny learns that his friend Alex, actually Paul Ashdale, is his father.
  • 1st June - Leyla and Andrea expose Jamie and Belle's affair in the Woolpack.
  • 3rd June - Andrea disappears with Millie after Jamie finds out her part in exposing his affair with Belle.
  • 8th July - Moira Dingle is run over by Jamie in a hit and run.
  • 19th August - After months of terrorizing some residents, Mark Malone is shot dead by Dawn in self-defense.
  • 28th August - Victoria receives the news that her grandmother Annie has died.
  • 14th September - Kirin Kotecha returns to the village after being on the run for over four years.
  • 23rd September - Just as Cain is about to attack Jamie with a baseball bat, Belle reveals that her relationship with Jamie is fake by telling him she's phoned the police to report him for Moria's hit and run.
  • 28th October - Charity officially adopts Johnny.
  • 30th October - Vanessa breaks up with Charity via videocall after finding out she kissed Moira's brother Mackenzie the previous day.
  • 25th December - Paddy Kirk cancels his surprise wedding to Chas Dingle when she says Christmas Day weddings are cursed. A scorned Charity bursts into the church dressed for a funeral ready to object the marriage however she is shocked to find the church empty. Chas later decides to surprise Paddy by rescheduling the wedding for later that day. Al Chapmans mystery woman is revealed to be Debbie Dingle.

Real life events

  • 28th January - Emmerdale won Best Serial Drama at the National Television Awards.
  • 18th March - ITV announce that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme's schedules will temporarily change as of 30th March to five episodes a week, transmitting at 7pm on Monday to Friday - no double episode on Thursday.
  • 22nd March - ITV announce their decision to suspend production of the soaps for the foreseeable due to the pandemic in order to assure the health and safety of their cast and crew. 
  • 23rd March - ITV announce a second schedule change, now airing only three episodes a week, transmitting at 7pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting from 30th March. 
  • 31st March - ITV announced The British Soap Awards 2020 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. ITV will instead air a 60-minute special titled "The British Soap Awards Celebrates 21 Years", narrated by Philip Schofield.
  • 28th April - Emmerdale announces their new initiative The Woolpack Sessions, a one-a-week live broadcast on their YouTube channel featuring cast members singing their favourite songs from their living rooms whilst filming has halted. 
  • 21st May - Emmerdale announce the show has resume filming after almost 2 months, and that 6 special lockdown episodes will be produced. These will feature only 13 characters, each episode focusing on 2-3 characters and be filmed during 2 weeks under strict social distancing restrictions and with limited crew.
  • 28th May - Emmerdale announce the lockdown episodes will only air twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, starting 8th June.
  • 5th June - The last episode recorded before lockdown airs on ITV.
  • 26th June - Emmerdale officially announces they have resumed filming regular episodes.
  • 30th July - ITV announce that Emmerdale will return to their schedule of six episodes per week, beginning mid-September.
  • 14th September - ITV officially resumes it's normal airing schedule of six episodes per week.

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