Emmerdale historyEdit

  • 1990 - Caroline Bates leaves the village, having taken all of her furniture bought by Home Farm.
  • 2005 - Robert Sugden arranges to leave the village with Max King, Debbie Dingle and Sarah Sugden Jr. When Debbie arrives with Andy and without Sarah, Robert tells her he only wanted to take Sarah away from Andy. A violent fight ensues between Andy and Robert, broken up by Max. Max asks Andy to take him to the station and a furious Robert drives towards them. Max grabs the wheel and the car crashes. Robert rescues Andy before the car explodes, killing Max.
  • 2014 - Lisa Dingle suffers an angina attack after her boss Jai Sharma sacks her for skiving.
  • 2017 - Emma Barton confronts Moira Dingle in a barn. When Moira grabs a pitchfork to defend herself, Emma goes for her and they knock out a light, causing a fire. Moira tells Emma she thinks she's in labour, before an explosion sends crates falling on her. Emma rescues Moira from the barn fire before it explodes. Moira then gives birth to a baby boy. Moira's son Adam goes after Emma with a shotgun but Emma manages to get hold of the gun and accidentally fires it, unknowingly shooting her son Finn.

Real worldEdit

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Episodes were broadcast on 2nd October on the following years:

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