3 Demdyke Row was a cottage located in Demdyke Row. Percy Edgar lived there until his death in 1977Joe Sugden bought the house and moved in with his lover Kathy Davis. The house was broken into in 1978 by Steve Hawker, who steals Joe's guns before performing an armed robbery on The Woolpack. Joe left Beckindale in 1983 to live in France but returned in 1986.

In 1988 newlyweds Kathy and Jackie Merrick moved into Demdyke. Kathy was left a widow when Jackie was killed in a freak accident in August 1989. She later took in brother Nick Bates as a lodger. Kathy moved into Home Farm with Chris Tate in 1990. Nick moved girlfriend Elsa Feldmann in around the same time. 

Joe put the house up for sale in 1990. Frank Tate considered buying the house, but it was eventually sold to Dolly Skilbeck who continued to rent the house to Nick and Elsa. 

Nick and Elsa's daughter Alice Bates was born in 1991. Nick and Elsa separated on Christmas Day 1991. Nick's friend, and Alice's childminder, Archie Brooks moves into the house in June 1992 and he ran his childminding business from the property. Nick, Archie and Alice continued to reside in the cottage until the house and a majority of Demdyke Row was destroyed in the plane crash of 1993 (ironically Archie was also killed in the disaster). Alice was found alive in the remains of Demdyke and was dug out of the rubble. The remains of the house, along with Demdyke Row were demolished in 1994

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