Emmerdale historyEdit

  • 1983 - Joe Sugden leaves the village to work in France.
  • 1992 - Eric Pollard and Elizabeth Feldmann marry. Michael Feldmann is arrested for the Home Farm robbery.
  • 1994 - Luke McAllister and Dolores Sharp are involved in a motorcycle accident when Luke swerves to avoid an oncoming car.
  • 2010 - Following an argument with Aaron Livesy, Jackson Walsh drives off. Aaron calls him, and when Jackson tries to reach his phone, he nearly rear-ends a truck. He swerves just in time, but ends up driving through a fence and flipping his van on train tracks. Jackson is left unconscious when his van is struck by a train.
  • 2017 - Emma Barton is pushed off the Hotten Viaduct by an unknown assailant. She dies with the ghosts of James and Finn Barton by her side. Her sons Pete and Ross are told by the police their mother's dead body was found, before discovering Emma killed James. In the flashback scene reveals that Ross found Emma's body but didn't tell anybody.

Real worldEdit

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