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Emmerdale, known as 'Emmerdale Farm' until 1989, is a popular and critically acclaimed long-running British soap opera, broadcast on ITV since 1972. It is set in the fictional village of Emmerdale (known as Beckindale until 1994) in the Yorkshire Dales, England and was created by Kevin Laffan. The series is produced by ITV Studios in Yorkshire and broadcast on the ITV network and was first broadcast on 16th October 1972.

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  • If you're new to the show, we recommend that you check out the General Information section first to get you up to speed with the creation, concept, general information and rough history of the show...
  • ...and then delve into the archives by reading up on past Emmerdale episodes and find out about the characters who currently live in the village and those from days past...
  • ...other than that we also recommend pages on the various cast and crew the show has had over the years if you want to dig into the magic behind the scenes.


Emmerdale - Coming In January 2020

Emmerdale - Coming In January 2020



Terence punches father Alan unconscious.

22nd February 2006: After yesterday's events, Terence wakes with a sore head and packs his bag. Terence hides his things as Alan arrives and wanting to give him good news, Alan reports that his cheque should have cleared by now and that he'll have a bankers draft made out to Terence for £20,000 later today. Terence decides to hang around for the money and drinks in the pub while he waits. Adam enters and can't help but make a dig at a disgruntled Terence. Fuelled by alcohol, Terence flies at the doctor and Alan is alarmed when he comes in only to find his son throwing punches and mouthing off. They leave and Alan questions his son. His tongue loosened by alcohol, Terence admits the child abuse towards Steph. He accuses Alan of being naive. Alan is in a state of shock and refuses to hand Terence the bankers note. Terence in a rage hits out at Alan and Alan falls to the floor unconscious. Terence takes the money and runs. Steph and Adam arrives at Holdgate Farm to check on Alan and find Terence leaving in Alan's car. They go inside and find Alan on the floor, he has re-gained consciousness but still tries to defend Terence's actions, much to Steph's frustration.



Graham Foster

Graham Foster 2020

Graham Foster was the right-hand man of Joe Tate and Kim Tate. He was also the boyfriend of Rhona Goskirk.

Graham arrived in the village in 2017 as the right-hand man of Joe Tate, then known by his alias Tom Waterhouse. He helped Joe escape the village in October 2018 after Kim Tate returned.

In 2020, Graham planned to move to France with Rhona and Leo Goskirk. However, the day they planned to leave, Graham was murdered by Rhona's ex-husband and rapist, Pierce Harris.

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Where to Watch

New episodes of Emmerdale are broadcast in the following countries:

United Kingdom

  • New episodes (ITV/STV):
    • Monday to Friday 7.00pm plus Thursday 8.00pm
  • Repeats on ITV2:
    • 7.55am, the weekday morning after original broadcast
    • 12.15am, the weekday after original broadcast
  • Omnibuses on ITV2:
    • Saturday, 6.15am
    • Sunday, 6.25am


  • New episodes: Monday to Friday 6.20pm & 6.50pm (UKTV)


  • New episodes: simulcast with UK (UTV/TV3)
  • Repeats: Tuesday to Friday 3.30pm (TV3)

New Zealand

  • New episodes: Monday to Friday 12.30pm & 1.00pm (TVNZ 1)

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"That's what I like about village life. It's the feeling of belonging, of continuity."
Dolly Skilbeck

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  • ...that it took the programme almost 29 years to reach its 3000th episode, but due to the show moving to six episodes a week soon afterwards, it only took 10 years to double the total?
  • ...that the programme has had two two-hander episodes, in 2000 and 2002?
  • ...that Swedish band The Cardigans named their 1994 album 'Emmerdale' after becoming enamoured with the soap's name on a visit to the UK?
  • ...that the programme has only ever had one live episode, which was broadcast on 17th October 2012 as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations.
  • ...that Spice Girls's Mel B appeared as an extra numerous times throughout 1993 and 1994?



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