Abbott Lane Surgery is the local doctors surgery, where Emma Barton worked as a nurse. Liam Cavanagh and Manpreet Sharma are currently employed as doctors at the surgery.

Jermaine Bailey became the new doctor in June 2015, and in September 2015, Emma's son Pete Barton attends the surgery when he is suffering from depression. A few weeks later Pete's estranged wife Debbie Dingle takes her daughter Sarah Sugden to see Dr Bailey, after she had a cough for a few weeks so Emma took Sarah's blood due to her previous ill health. The blood came back normal, but Emma changed the results to get back at Debbie.

In June 2016, Dr Cavanagh sacked Dr Bailey due to his affair with seventeen-year-old patient Belle Dingle.

In August 2017, Robert Sugden sets off the fire alarm so he could sneak into Dr Cavanagh's office to switch Lawrence White's blood tests, as Robert has been drugging Lawrence in an attempt to worm his way back into the Home Farm business.

In October 2017, the surgery suddenly lost one of its employees; Emma, when she turned up dead after murdering her son Finn. While it was initially suspected she'd committed suicide, it was later determined that she was murdered. Doctor Cavanagh later remarked on Emma's passing while checking up on Moira Dingle's newborn son.

In December 2019, Wendy Posner was hired as a nurse at the surgery.

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