Abby was the brief girlfriend of Matty Barton in August 2018. Matty and Abby met in The Woolpack in August 2018, to the jealousy of Matty's friend Victoria Barton. Matty went to Ross Barton's party with Victoria where he encountered Abby, and when Victoria decided to leave, Matty and Abby decided to go clubbing in Hotten. The pair were doing well but both Victoria and Matty's mother Moira Dingle reminded him he needed to tell Abby he was transgender. Victoria found Abby upset in the bathrooms and assumed Matty had told her that he was transgender, and gave her a few choice words. However, Matty walked in and Victoria felt guilty upon discovering that Matty hadn't told her. Abby told Matty that she doesn't feel comfortable dating someone who was previously a woman and breaks up with him.

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