Not to be confused with relative Adam Dingle.
Adam Dingle was the brother of Jonah Dingle and the eldest son of Amos Dingle and his wife.

Being the eldest of two, Adam was always the favourite child. He was "handsome, charming, clever, dutiful, good" as his brother described him, "but damn it, he was nice too." Adam seemed like the perfect child, which made Jonah rebel. The more Jonah was punished, the more he misbehaved. He felt that Adam was always suffocated and put to many expectations on him. Adam was set to take over the family business, despite his keen interest in music.

Around 1904, Adam got a scratch but it soon got infected and it spread. He died of septicaemia soon after, aged eighteen, before his brother Jonah could say goodbye. When Jonah arrived, his parents questioned why he hadn't died instead and that they couldn't bear to see him. After Adam's death, Jonah never saw his parents again.

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