Adele Allfrey was a worker at Sharma & Sharma sweet factory.

After Eric Pollard's staff go on strike, he places an advert for more staff. After having an interview, Adele is given a job along with Leyla Harding. Adele gets on well with the other workers and joins them in playing practical jokes on their supervisor, Lexi King. One day, Adele does not show up for work, and Lexi tells them she had fired Adele as a warning to everyone else to keep their focus on their job. The next day, they learn Adele had actually taken leave to help her sick mother, and she soon returns to work. She loses her job in July 2009 when Eric closes the factory due to a loss in business. She then got her current job at the new sweet factory when it opened in Emmerdale in the summer of 2009.

In the summer of 2010, Adele had a brief fling with Andy Sugden, but the romance was cut short when his ex-wife and Adele's friend Katie admitted sleeping with him. Katie's betrayal then prompted Adele to quit her job and leave the village.


"Thanks for the phone. See you around." - Final line, to Andy Sugden.

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