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Al Chapman is the ex-husband of Jessie Dingle and father of Ellis Chapman. He was also business partners with Kim Tate and former co-owner of The Woolpack.


Pre-2019: Early life

Al was adopted but doesn't have a relationship with his birth parents or his adoptive parents.

2019-: Arrival in Emmerdale

Al arrives in the village

Al turns up in the village in August 2019, after not seeing his son for over a year, masking himself as an investor, interested in Ellis' and brother Billy's personal training company. Ellis is enthusiastic when an investment company shows interest and organises a meeting but is shocked to discover who he is. Al accompanies Ellis to Tall Trees Cottage where he meets a shocked Jessie and Billy. Al insists he is genuinely interested in investing and explains he has been in Dubai running an outdoor pursuits business. Al and Ellis catch up in the pub and he apologises for not being there for him following his stabbing, insisting he had no idea. He reveals he's been following Ellis on social media and took the opportunity to reconnect with him when he saw his social media advert for an investor. However, Ellis resents Al for not being in contact but Al reveals he blames Billy for getting Ellis into trouble. Angered, Ellis tells Al to stuff his offer but Al tells Ellis and Billy that they better get used to having him around as he's not intending to go anywhere.

In September 2019, Al and Jessie's new husband Marlon got on the wrong side and Al attempted to win back Jessie. After some flattery, Jessie ended up caving and slept with Al despite really loving Marlon. She attempted to repair her marriage but Marlon decided it was over and she left the village for a job in Dubai that Al helped got her. Afterwards, Al fell out with Al when he and Billy declared that they were siding with Marlon and decided to keep staying with him despite Al's attempts to get them to find a new place.

In January 2020, Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits was finally set to open but Al had his focus elsewhere as he became involved in the murder of Graham Foster. Al had gotten himself involved with loan sharks who threatened to hurt his son unless he delivered the money the following day. Kim caught wind of his troubles and offered to pay him to kill Graham. He agreed and took the money but some else ended up getting to Graham before him. Despite never doing the job, he acted as if he did to Kim in order to get his money. However, when Ellis discovers his involvement in March he cuts him out of his life, wanting nothing to do with a person who is willing to kill for money despite Al insisting he wouldn't have been able to go though with it.

Al and Priya kiss

In April 2020, Al grows closer to his college Priya Kotecha. They share a kiss but Priya is reluctant to start anything with him due to his feud with her brother, Jai Sharma who he co-owns HOP with and had been at odds with since day one. Al agrees to make an effort with Jai and Priya agrees to give their relationship a go but keep it from everyone else for now. However, May Jai caught them together at Hawksford and they were forced to tell him the truth. Jai disapproved of their relationship but they decided to not let anyone else decide what they did.

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"Hey Ellis, bet you didn't expect to see me." (First line)

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