Alex was a friend of Chris Tate who appeared sporadically between October 1991 and June 1992.

Alex was first seen before Chris' wedding to Kathy Merrick when he was his best man. He dragged Chris off for a bachelor party and then attended their wedding in November.

Alex returned in March 1992 after Chris got him a job for Joe Sugden as assistant manager as Alex had been relocated to Leeds in his commercial estate agency job. When Joe showed Alex round the holiday village Alex spots Lynn Whiteley and goes to say hello but she wasn't pleased to see him. Alex started pursuing Lynn, even though she told him that she didn't like him. Lynn rowed with Alex in front of everyone, telling him that she was not interested.

In April 1992, Chris allowed Alex to stay with him and Kathy for a while, but their relationship started to deteriorate in June. Chris and Alex had a row and both stormed off. Later, a fight breaks out between the two men. Chris told Kathy that he thought that Alex had outstayed his welcome. When Chris wanted to take Kathy out for a meal, but she was too tired, Alex interfered and called Chris selfish. This was the last straw for Chris who snapped and told Alex to pack his bags and leave that night.

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