Alfie was the Dingle family's dog.

Alfie was poisoned in 2010 when chemicals seeped into land. Later that year Sam Dingle was walking Alfie in Home Farm woods when Alfie began digging up Mark Wylde's decomposing body.

In May 2017 Alfie was run over by Zak Dingle after fleeing from a mob of angry vegans. Lachlan White quickly took him to the vets where he was operated on and later sent home. However, just seven months later in December 2017, Alfie collapsed and was rushed to the vets, where Paddy Kirk diagnosed him with liver cancer. He told the Dingles that Alfie was in pain and didn't have long to live, so they made the difficult decision to have Alfie put to sleep. After saying their goodbyes, Paddy applied a lethal injection to Alfie, who passed away peacefully at Zak's side.

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