Amelia 'Mimi' Dumphreys was a widowed woman who used to go to Beauty & Bernice every week to get her hair done. Owner Bernice Blackstock was the closest to family she had, having fallen out with family following her husband's death. This had made Amelia a rather bitter lady who would tell people straight what she thinks of them. Bernice's friend Daz Spencer invites her for a drink, which she declines, but she changes her mind when Amelia tells her she wouldn't be getting many offers when her face starts going downwards when she's older. She then discovers that she's won £100,000 on the horses. However, she passes away suddenly and quietly under the dryer shortly afterwards. Bernice is left heartbroken by Amelia's death, but when her sister Nicola King discovers her win on the horses, she and Bernice make a Faustian bargain by cashing the win and getting the money for themselves. This proves problematic when neighbour Lydia Hart discovers that Amelia (known to her as Aunty Mimi) is her second cousin, once removed, and as her last surviving relative, she was entitled to Amelia's estate.

In July 2019, it transpired that Lydia was called Jenny Finn and was impersonating a dead friend who was Mrs Dumphrey's relative.

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