Amy Wyatt is Kerry Wyatt's daughter and Val and Eric Pollard's foster daughter. Aged seventeen, Amy gave birth to her son Kyle, whom she gave up for adoption.


2010-2011: Being fostered by Pollard and ValEdit

Amy Wyatt first appeared in the village of Emmerdale when her car broke down. She faked being pregnant by stuffing a spare jumper up her top and flagging down Andy Sugden. Andy quickly realised she was faking her pregnancy but agreed to help her anyway and gave her a lift to the garage. Checking the car over, it was revealed that it would need a complete service and Amy was forced to check into the B&B. Attempting to get a discount price, she lied to Pollard telling him she was a trainee nurse. A suspicious Victoria Sugden questioned her and learnt that she was really sixteen years old, had been in foster care and had run away from home. Having no money, Victoria also tried to help Amy escape from the B&B without paying, but they were both caught by Val. Amy offered to work for the two of them in an attempt to pay them back, but later tried to escape again when the police arrived and informed Eric and Val that Amy had stolen the car she turned up in from her foster parents. Amy was driven away by her social worker. Amy arrived back in the village shortly afterwards and visited Victoria again after running away. Needing a secret place to stay, Victoria hides Amy in the basement of the B&B. Hearing noises, Val starts to believe the B&B is haunted. When Victoria confronts Amy about the amount of noise she is making, Val overhears them. Amy begs Val to let her stay but Pollard orders her out. Amy arrived back at the B&B the following week as Val and Victoria are unpacking shopping from Val's car. She helped them to unpack and Val took her to cafe where Amy reacted nervously upon seeing a policeman investigating a theft. Later, Val sees Amy waiting at a bus stop. Amy tells Val that she is going back to her Children's Home as her foster parents had split up when the husband had an affair. Val gave Amy money for taxi fare. Later, Val received a phone call from the Children's Home, she was told that Amy had locked herself in the bathroom and was refusing to come out unless Val spoke to her. After being emotionally blackmailed by Victoria, Val went to the Children's Home and Amy let her into the bathroom. Val relucantly agreed to let Amy stay at the B&B. Val and Eric later decided to adopt Amy and were granted approval.

2011-2012: Cain Dingle and pregnancyEdit

Amy starts working at the shop for Leyla and develops feelings for David, who pays her attention. Amy begins sleeping with Cain and attempts to use the fact to make David jealous. He shows concern over her behaviour. When Alicia steals five hundred pounds worth of stock, Leyla accuses Amy. David is quick to defend Amy and Alicia later admits her guilt. Amy kisses David on the cheek for his support. She thinks he reacts positively and makes further advances towards him but he lets her down gently so she runs away briefly. When she returns, she blackmails David and tells Victoria that she slept with him. Later everyone finds out that Amy has lied.

Amy, Val and Eric move into their new home at the barn conversion. Though, her happiness is short-lived as a man from her past, Jared, arrives to see her. He proceeds to blackmail Amy and Zak Dingle intervenes when he thinks something is not right. Amy reveals that she has previously carried out bad deeds and makes Zak promise to keep quiet and starts paying Jared to keep quiet. Jared later reveals Amy had an affair with his father, resulting in the breakdown of his family but Zak forces Jared to leave Amy alone.

Amy then discovers that she is pregnant with Cain's baby. She tells Cain, who threatens to harm her if she does not have an abortion. Victoria convinces Amy to tell Val the truth. Amy decides to have an abortion but she is told her pregnancy is advanced for the procedure. The doctor also reveals her baby is due in December and so she threatens Belle Dingle to keep her pregnancy a secret from Cain. Amy goes into labour and gives birth to a baby boy in the church graveyard. She thinks her baby is dead when he does not move or make a sound. Amy panics and wraps him up in her jumper, before placing him in a telephone box. She then goes to David and tells him what happened. Meanwhile, Hazel Rhodes finds the baby and calls the ambulance while trying to make him breathe and cry. David learns that Hazel has found the baby and he has been taken to hospital so he calls an ambulance for Amy. Amy is unhappy when she learns that David has also called Eric and Val. At the hospital she apologises to Eric and Val for keeping her pregnancy a secret. They call the baby Kyle after the nurse who looks after him, Kylie. Amy takes the baby home but Val takes over, much to Eric and Amy's unhappiness. Amy tries to look after Kyle and puts him in the bath but accidentally almost drowns him so Val takes over again. Amy realises that she can't look after Kyle properly and calls Social Services to come and collect him, planning to have him adopted as she doesn't want him going from one foster home to another, as she did. Val wants to keep Kyle and starts putting pressure on Amy, hoping she will change her mind. This causes a rift between Amy and Val but Eric and Amy to become closer. Amy does give Kyle up for adoption and Val is extremely hurt and disappointed, blaming Eric for backing Amy's decision. on 14th November 3013, Amy leaves the village, thinking there's nothing left for her there anymore. 

2019-: ReturnEdit

On March 7th (Episode 8411/8412 ) Amy's mother, Kerry travels to Belfast to find her daughter. Kerry tells Jessie Dingle how Amy has been on the run for over five years. Marlon informs Jessie that Amy is Kyle's mum and fears what Cain will do if he finds out they brought Kerry to find her. The address Kerry has for Amy leads her and Jessie to a well to do area of the city. A neighbour informs them Amy moved out a while back and instead points them towards where Amy used to work. Jessie and Kerry find themselves in a rough area of Belfast. As Kerry and Jessie walk along the street, they see a young man and woman arguing ahead of them. Kerry realises it's Amy and runs towards her. Amy is stunned to see her mother. Kerry concludes Amy is a prostitute and the man was a punter although Amy states she actually works at a woman's shelter. Kerry tells Amy she's here for her. Kerry tells Amy she needs to come home for Kyle. Amy cannot believe Kyle is with Cain nor that Joanie's dead. Kerry goes to show Amy pictures of Kyle but Amy doesn't want to see them as it would make things harder. She explains she forced herself to stop thinking about Kyle but she never stopped loving him. Kerry urges Amy to come home. Amy asks Kerry if Kyle is happy. Kerry confirms he is but states he won't be if Cain goes down for murder. Amy suggests if Cain does go down, she or Moira could look after Kyle. Kerry tells Amy she wants her to look after him. Kerry tries to persuade Amy to return to Emmerdale. Kerry urges Amy to think about Kyle but Amy declares she doesn't want to be Kyle's mum then walks off.

The next day, Karry fins Amy again. Amy tells Kerry she couldn't stop thinking about what she said - she gave Kyle up so he can have better but if he's not getting that then she needs to do something. Moira spots Kerry walking up Main Street with the hooded figure she saw at the farm and questions who it is. She, Debbie and Faith are stunned to see Amy. Faith reminds Amy she has no rights to Kyle. Amy states Cain doesn't either although Moira points out that Cain has looked after Kyle for years and is a good dad. Moira threatens to report Amy to the police but Amy isn't scared and is determined to fight for her son. 

Amy reaches out to Kyle, even though Cain and the Dingles are reluctant to let her see him. She eventually reveals to him that she's his mother and he accepts and they share a hug. 

Episode 3695
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Background informationEdit


"No way. Come on, you're not doing this to me!" - First line.

"There's nothing to stay for now." - Final line spoken by Chelsea Halfpenny as Amy.

"Mam?!" - First audible line spoken by Natalie Jamieson as Amy.

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