Angus Seddon is a famous art critic. He is contacted by Nicholas Phelps in June 1973 to view paintings by what he is told is a very talented local artist, David Reece. Phelps tells Seddon that they can then buy David's paintings. However, when Seddon arrives in Beckindale to view the paintings, he is highly critical of David's work, and dismisses David as talentless. Seddon is annoyed over a wasted journey and tells Phelps that he should have sent him a sample of David's work to him, so that he could examine it first. Seddon says that David's work is that of a sixth former, and even they could do better. David is devastated. Seddon tells David not to look so glum, and to try another hobby. Seddon bids David farewell then quickly returns to London.

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