Anne W. Gibbons was the series producer of Emmerdale Farm from 15th January 1980 to 29th September 1983, preceded by Michael Glynn and succeeded by Richard Handford. Anne also served as a temporary executive producer from 8th January 1980 to 10th January 1980, preceded by David Cunliffe and succeeded by Michael Glynn.

During her reign as producer, Anne has overseen the arrivals of Richard Anstey, Derek Warner, Jock MacDonald, Alan Turner, Barbara Peters and Samuel Skilbeck, as well as the departures of Maurice, Judy Westrop and Joe Sugden, Derek Warner and Richard Anstey, and the returns of Jack Sugden, Dolly Skilbeck, Seth Armstrong, Donald Hinton, Pat, Jackie, Sandie, Tom Merrick (who later departed with Sandie near the end of Anne's reign) and Edward Ruskin (who departed the same month).

Major storylines included Dolly Skilbeck's miscarriage, Harry Moore suffering a fatal heart attack following an argument with Donald Hinton, Emily Brearly's car accident whilst arriving in the village, Tom Merrick and Derek Warner's hit and run on Joe Sugden, Enoch Tolly's death in a freak tractor accident, a burglar in Beckindale who was arrested by Sgt MacArthur, Jack Sugden being revealed as Jackie Merrick's father, Dolly Skilbeck getting pregnant and giving birth to a son, Jack and Pat Merrick marrying, Jackie Merrick setting fire to the caravan, Sandie Merrick getting pregnant at 17 and giving her baby up for adoption.

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