Anthea was a member of the hen party who had a pamper party at Beauty & Bernice in March 2017. Due to trouble with her daughter, owner Bernice White had forgotten about the hen party, so asked customer Carly Hope to help her host it. Bernice moaned to the hens about her gay ex-husbands so Carly stepped in and rescued things by playing some games with the hens. Later in the day, Anthea approached Carly and complimented her on her hosting skills. Carly revealed she wasn't actually staff. Impressed Anthea told Carly there was a vacancy in the entertainment team at the resort in Malaga that she ran and offered Carly the position. Carly explained she was settled and had a good life, but took the Anthea's business card anyway. A few days later, Carly called Anthea about the job and she agreed to take the first flight out to Malaga to discuss things.

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