Apartment One, formerly part of Mill Cottage, is a converted flat at the end of Main Street. It is home to Aaron Dingle and Liv Flaherty.


2016-2018: Conversion and moving in

After swapping houses with Jimmy King, Rakesh Kotecha planned to convert the Mill into two flats, one to live in with his wife Priya and step-daughter Amba and the second to rent out. However, Rakesh ran out of money and, in June 2016, set fire to the house, hoping to on claim the insurance; unaware former resident Nicola King was inside. The Mill exploded and Dan Spencer and Ronnie Hale arrived at the scene and rescued Nicola. Ronnie went back in, believing Rakesh and Priya were inside and he was knocked unconscious. Rakesh and Carly Hope rescued Ronnie. The insurance adjuster Neville Crosby smelt a rat so the insurance company refused to pay out. Mill Cottage was repossessed in October 2016 and sold to Aaron Dingle at auction two months later and hired Ronnie to the building work. The first flat was completed in May 2017 and the second flat the following March.

Aaron, Robert and Liv officially moved into the house after months of reconstruction in May 2017 although Robert soon moved out after splitting with Aaron. In November, Gerry Roberts moved in after finding himself homeless. Gerry has been living in the Mill until his death when he was murdered by Lachlan White in May 2018.

After Aaron and Robert reunited, Robert moved back in. The following month, Robert's baby son Seb moved in too as Seb's mother, Rebecca White, was unable to care for him.

In July 2018, Lachlan breaks into Mill Cottage and causes a carbon monoxide leak in the house with an unconscious Liv and a barely conscious Robert inside. However, Robert and Liv were discovered by a recently returned Aaron and the boiler was replaced.


Current residents

Former residents

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