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April Windsor is the daughter of Donna Windsor and Marlon Dingle and the half-sister of Leo Goskirk.


2009-2014: Birth and early life[]

Having broken up with Marlon Dingle in January 2009, Donna Windsor took a new job in Essex, unaware that she was pregnant initially and then wanted to be sure that Ross Kirk was not the father - which he wasn't. When April was born, Donna didn't tell Marlon that April was his daughter as her new partner, Barry, wanted to raise April as his own; however Donna had always let April know that Barry was not her real father. Donna eventually told her mother Viv Hope that April was Marlon's daughter but ordered Viv to keep quiet about April and she did until her death following a fire in January 2011.

As April grew older, she began asking questions about her father and Donna decided it was time to return to Emmerdale.

2014 to present: Arrival in Emmerdale and Donna's death[]

They arrived in March 2014 on Marlon's 40th birthday. Marlon saved April from getting hit by Adam Barton's motorbike when she ran into the middle of the road; this lead to Marlon discovering Donna was back in the village as she ran over to console her child. As the day went on Marlon couldn’t help but wonder why Donna was back in the village. This lead to Marlon wanting answers and Donna telling him that April was his daughter. Donna also told Viv's widower Bob Hope and Bob's partner Brenda Walker about April's true paternity. Marlon reacted badly, initially telling Donna that he didn't want anything to do with them and they should return to Essex. Marlon's ex-girlfriend Rhona Goskirk decided she wanted her and Marlon's son Leo Goskirk to know that he had a half-sister and met Donna. Marlon came around to the idea of Leo getting to know his sister but insisted he didn't want either April or Donna in the village and that the children must never know that they are siblings. Eventually Marlon came round to the idea of getting to know April, especially after he also discovered Donna had cancer.

In 2014, Donna died after jumping from a building with a pervert after he threatened to abuse April. She told Ross Barton to tell April that she loved her very much. Later that day, a devastated Marlon broke the news to his daughter that her Mummy had gone to live in the stars. However, April didn't realise that Donna was dead and went to visit Ross at the garage because she knew he was her mother's friend. Ross told April to get lost and she went looking for her mum but later was found the next day. Marlon was then awarded full custody of his daughter and April now lives with her father at Tall Trees Cottage and regularly sees her half-brother Leo, as well as Donna’s half siblings Cathy and Heath and their father Bob - who April refers to as her grandfather.

In March 2016, April went to see Emma Barton because she had bruises on her left arm and asked if she could make it better. Her babysitter and Bob's daughter Carly Hope confided in Marlon that she had a son named Billy who died when he was two months old. April tells Marlon and Carly that Leo hit her, causing the bruises.

Towards the end of 2016, April notices that her dad and her babysitter Carly like each other, and she questions if they are already dating or not. Eventually, Marlon and Carly do start dating.

In March 2017, while making a cake for Marlon's birthday, April chokes on a sweet in front of Carly. Terrified, she froze but Marlon managed to bring the sweet up and April starts crying in shock. Marlon is furious at Carly for not trying to save his daughter when she could see that April was choking. The next day Marlon keeps April off school and she runs away to the pirate ship because she thinks Carly doesn't like her as she didn't try to help. Carly explains to April that she was in shock and didn't know what to do. April forgives Carly and said she wants her to be her new mum.

At the end of June, Carly heroically ran into the burning Mill Cottage and dragged unconscious Ronnie Hale out, with the help of Rakesh Kotecha. Carly and Marlon spent the night together on what would've been Billy's birthday. After sleeping together, things became awkward between the pair, even more so when April told Carly she'd like her to be her new mummy. Whilst out looking for missing Belle Dingle, Marlon fell and injured his groin, so Carly carried him home. Whilst nursing his injury with a frozen lasagna, Marlon told Carly they should be friends and she should resume looking after April. Carly admitted that she wanted more as she was in love with Marlon. After a second night together, Bob learned of Marlon and Carly's relationship, and disapproved, although soon came round with a bit of encouragement from Brenda.

In July 2021, after the death of local teenager Leanna Cavanagh, April is inspired to create a social media account dedicated to helping those who have lost someone. Whilst April initially receives praise, she is later trolled when a "dead Donna" account is made and April's phone number is circulated online. When she tells Marlon he makes her delete social media, however she later secretly reinstalls them. In September 2021, April feels betrayed when Cathy who she had been confiding in (and who is also Donna’s half-sister) reveals that she caused all the hate. April then tells Rhona who goes on a rampage to the Hope family, resulting in Rhona being arrested for assaulting Brenda, which upsets April even more. Bob is also disgusted at how Cathy could write such awful things about her own half-sister.

By December, April and Cathy's differences had simmered. In March 2022, April was happy when Rhona proposed to Marlon, but Marlon then suffered a stroke. April found him collapsed in the house and called for an ambulance; she was terrified that she could lose her father, but was supported by Rhona and Rhona's mother Mary, who soon became a grandmotherly figure to April. After Marlon returned home, April helped to care for him; eventually, Rhona and Marlon married just as April turned thirteen.

April developed a crush on her friend Arthur Thomas (who was her stepbrother at one point). He rebuffed her interests, and later came out as gay. April supported him and gave him moral support when he developed feelings for Marshall Hamston, who went on to prank Arthur into thinking he was also attracted to him. When Marshall crossed paths with Arthur, April and their friend group, April lost her temper and punched Marshall for insulting both her and Arthur. April also supported Cathy when she was diagnosed with PMDD, but when she tried to get pregnant with Samson Dingle's baby, April revealed Cathy's intentions to Samson.

On New Year's Eve, Cathy, Heath and Angelica King made plans to go to a party in Hotten, eventually stealing a car to get there. April was quick to disapprove of their plan and tried to talk them out of it, but could not bring herself to tell Bob until he questioned her. The car crashed and Heath was killed. April was inconsolable and blamed herself for Heath's death, and was rallied by the support of Marlon, Rhona and Arthur, all whilst trying to look out for Cathy. Then in February, Rhona escaped town with her newborn daughter Ivy - who had been birthed after her first husband Gus Malcolms stole the embryos he and Rhona had put aside years earlier - leaving April, Marlon and Leo alone. April was worried that she could lose Rhona to prison after Gus had her charged; this worry manifested itself into anger and she fought with Rhona over her actions. Finally, April confronted Gus herself, but although the plan backfired and Gus tried to deceive Rhona some more as a result, Rhona understood April's actions and the two made amends.

Other information[]

  • April has a strong dislike for radishes, liver, cheese (except for when it's on pizza) and especially her father Marlon Dingle's quiche.
  • April plays netball.


"My outfits." - First line.

"Take it from me, Ivy's lucky to have a mum in Rhona. And if you take that away from her, then she will hate you forever." - To Gus Malcolms

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