Archie's Hill is a small hill in Emmerdale, and it is where local villager Archie Brooks died in December 1993. Archie had left The Woolpack in a huff after Seth Armstrong and landlord Alan Turner made jibes at him, and his friend Nick Bates followed him. As they were walking along the hill, Nick was calling after Archie, but they were stopped by a huge roaring sound, then wreckage and flames from the plane crash came down and vapourised Archie, and temporarily blinded Nick.  The spot where Archie died was then named Archie's Hill as a tribute to Archie.

On the first anniversary of the plane crash in December 1994, Seth Armstrong and Nick visited the hill to remember Archie. Seth and Nick did the same in December 1995 for the second anniversary of Archie's death.

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