Arthur Golding was the owner of the Hotten Cattle Market and real estate company Golding & Sons, which operated out of the same building as the cattle market. In May 1986, employee Karen Moore told boyfriend Joe Sugden that Mr Golding had fallen ill and has no other family members to leave the market to. Joe approached Mr Golding on behalf of NY Estates and makes him an offer, which Mr Golding angrily refuses. Joe refuses to stand down and continues to anger Mr Golding further. However, Mr Golding tells Henry Wilks that he is considering selling after all due to his poor health, but Henry encourages him to consider promoting Karen to director of the company, allowing him to take a backseat. Mr Golding does decide to give in, selling to NY Estates for half a million pounds as long as Karen and Sandie Merrick's jobs are safe, which he is assured they will be.

Mr Golding's first name was only revealed in dialogue.

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