An auctioneer auctioned off a painting that Vanessa Weir was selling in May 1995. The painting was said to be an original, but Vanessa switched the painting for a less valuable copy, as a part of a plan constructed by herself and Alan Turner to get back at conman Eric Pollard.

In October 2017 auctioned off one of Eric Pollard's houses. Chrissie White and Debbie Dingle are both desperate to buy the house, therefore a bidding war ensues. Chrissie bids £300,000, which is more than Debbie can afford, but suddenly a woman unexpectedly bids £350,000. Debbie is surprised when the woman comes over and tells her she is the new owner, and it is revealed she was hired by Tom Waterhouse, who wanted to impress Debbie by buying the house for her. Debbie doesn't want to be bought so she decides to rent the house from Tom instead.

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