Ava Bainbridge (nee Skilbeck) was a nosy neighbour of the Oldroyds. She was married to Percy Bainbridge, who already had three children before Ava had a daughter, Iris, born to her and Percy. Ava attended Albert Oldroyd's funeral in 1914, and gossiped about his daughter Maggie with Joan Carr, Betty Porter and Mary Ann Teale. It was common knowledge that Ava loathed Maggie and Ava rudely commented that she thought Maggie "could bother to look a little sad", to which Rose Haywood gave her a glare.

Ava caught Maggie being unfaithful to her husband Joseph Sugden after watching her kiss Ralph Verney goodbye after the pair had sex. Later, Ava told Joseph that Margaret had met up with Ralph Verney. Joseph was infuriated and shot dead Maggie's beloved dog Toby. Maggie was absolutely livid as she blamed Ava and vowed to never forgive her.

Ava made enemies with Levi Dingle. After he caught her blackmailing Rose Haywood, Levi decided to get revenge against her by setting fire to The Woolpack in November 1915. The blaze destroyed the building and resulted in the death of Ava.

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