Barbara Kirk is the mother of Paddy and Colin Kirk.

Barbara is deeply unhappy that her son Paddy has got involved with Mandy Dingle and pays Mandy to stay away from Paddy. When Mandy's family finds out about this, they decide she should marry her cousin Butch and take the money. However, in 1999, Paddy and Mandy marry. When the marriage collapses, she is there to tell him that she told him so.

In 2002, Barbara makes it known that she doesn't approve of Emily Dingle and when they both stand up to her, she departs but continues to plague them with phone calls. Emily later gets a call saying that she is ill but Paddy dismisses it as her crying wolf again. To celebrate their engagement, they plan to go to Ireland on holiday and he decides to visit his mother beforehand. On arrival at her house, she was nowhere to be found and is later informed by his cousin, Jason that she had died. Pills were found near the body and Paddy believed that she had committed suicide until a coroner's report said it was natural causes. Paddy blamed Emily for thinking it was his fault that his mother had died and this put a strain on their relationship.

In January 2019, Mandy returned to the village to deliver a letter she had found behind a photo frame, addressed to Barbara from a lover in September 1968, suggesting that Kenneth Kirk may not be Paddy's biological father. This lover was Bear Wolf, a local wrestler. Bear was confirmed to be Paddy's biological father when Paddy took a DNA test.

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