WPC Barbara Metcalfe is a police officer who had an affair with Eric Pollard.

She first got involved with Eric when she pulled him over. He had just been on his way back from France with Terry Woods and Vic Windsor to pick up cheap booze. Initially fearing they were being stopped because of the booze, they were relieved that it was just about a faulty brake light. Impressed by Eric, she gave him the number for her station. A week later, they went on a date.

All seemed to be going well as they continued dating, but unbeknownst to them both, they were being watched by a man in a police car. Vic tried to convince Eric that he was being watched, but Eric didn't believe him, especially when he said that he got his information from Betty and his wife Viv. Vic told him to look outside his house, but by the time Eric looked out the window, the police car had disappeared.

Barbara called to see Eric, who told her about the policeman outside his house. She looked out and was amazed to see that it is her husband Harry. Eric was relieved and started to relax, kissing Barbara until Harry broke Eric's front door down and burst into the room. They started to fight and Eric threatened to call the police, but Barbara calmed them both down and Harry left. Harry waited for Eric and Barbara to arrive at the Woolpack, where he threatened Eric.

Harry continued to hound Eric, and a fight nearly broke out until Barbara arrived to stop it, and she told Harry to leave Eric alone, however, Harry continued to park outside Eric's house waiting for Barbara to emerge. Eric worried as Barbara got into Harry's car and agreed to talk to him. At first he was relived that she managed to get rid of Harry, but he was shocked when she revealed she was really just using him to get back at Harry and never intended for it to get too serious.

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