Episode 7501

Barton Brothers Taxis is a taxi business set up by Pete, Ross and Finn Barton in 2016. Finn decided to set up the business to give older brother Pete something to build on when he got out of prison. Ross eventually agreed to come on board too after he and Pete put their differences behind them. Ross and Finn applied for taxi licences, but Pete was unable to drive the taxis due to his conviction so he decided to be the man on the switch. The brothers bought some cars, and the business officially went live on 23rd June 2016. Since then, many people have used the taxis to get around like Harriet Finch and Brenda Walker. Both Tracy Shankley and Bernice White used a taxi to leave the village, both to return quite quickly.

The business grew rather quickly. However, it suffered greatly in 2017; one of its taxis was torched by the Bartons' mother Emma, and co-owner and founder Finn was shot and killed by Emma later in the year, leaving Pete and Ross as the sole surviving owners and employees of the business.

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