Beauty & Bernice is a beauty salon, located in the front room of Pear Tree Cottage, Main Street. It was set up by Bernice Blackstock in 2014, who then hired Kerry Wyatt when she was impressed with her work. Laurel Thomas did a few trial shifts but then stopped when practically the whole village found out about her drink problem.

Beauty & Bernice originally started out as both rooms of Pear Tree Cottage, but was soon divided as Leyla Harding and Megan Macey wanted to use the back room for their new business, 'Take A Vow'. Beauty & Bernice now remains as the front room and upstairs leading from the spiral staircase in the front. Since the beginning of the business, there have been a few memorable moments, like Bernice offering to give Andy a spray tan, telling him to take his clothes off, and Bernice giving Katie an allergic reaction to one of her creams. It was eventually revealed that it was Gabby's fault.

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