Bennetts Veterinary Practice is a veterinary surgery in Hotten where Zoe Tate worked between 1990 and 1991.

In March 1990, Zoe was hired as a veterinary surgeon and was due to start after her graduation. In August 1990, Zoe officially working at Bennetts and got a tour of the place by the owner, Martin Bennett. In November, Zoe earned the business a new client after Jack Sugden at Emmerdale Farm, tells her he wants her to replace their current vet as their regular.

In March 1991, Archie Brooks, Michael Feldmann and Rachel Hughes discovered that Martin has signed a contract with Skipdale Laboratories, allowing them to experiment on animals. They showed Zoe proof, and she confronted Martin, who admitted it but insisted that he only took part under the pretences that Skipdale Laboratories only experimented on animals for medical research and he did not approve of the involvement of animals in cosmetic research. She threatened to resign but Martin lied that he's disassociated his company with them after finding out they did cosmetic research. However, in late May, she discovered the truth and he told her he couldn't afford to turn down business based on principals. As a result, Zoe quits her job.

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