Bernard McAllister was the husband of Angharad McAllister and father to Luke and Jessica McAllister. He was also the village GP between 1993 and 1995.


Bernard moves to Beckindale from London with his wife Angharad and their two children; Luke and Jessica in December 1993 and he sets up a doctors surgery. Just a couple of weeks later, a plane crashes on the village and Bernard helps the injured until the emergency services arrive. Later on, Kathy Tate develops a crush on him, following the end of her marriage. Luke gets in a fight with Ben Dingle at a rave and Ben dies. This leads to a feud with the Dingle family. The doctor who examines Ben's body is a friend of Bernard's and he concludes that Ben died from a heart defect. The Dingles start to believe that the McAllisters have destroyed evidence and try to make the family's lives as difficult as possible. They thought Bernard falsified evidence surrounding Ben's death to get Luke off a murder charge, even though this was not true. Bernard and Angharad become fed up and leave the village for London, their home city, in February 1995.

Luke stays behind to finish his A Levels and he begins a relationship with Ben's sister, Tina Dingle. They get engaged and Bernard refuses to attend the wedding. Luke dies after a car accident in August 1995, and Bernard plans for him to be buried in London, so he did not have to set foot in the village again.


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