Bhari Doshi is the father of Kusam Doshi, the woman who Rishi Sharma set up with his son Jai for an arranged marriage in May 2016. Bhari and Kusam met Rishi and Jai in Café Main Street, and Bhari initially believed Rishi was Jai. Bhari asks to see Jai's house, and Jai agrees, and tells them he could show them the nursery as he has a young daughter. Bhari was shocked that Jai had a child as Rishi hadn't mentioned it before hand, although Jai explained he wanted to tell them himself as he didn't want Eliza to seem like an obstacle. Bhari question how he ended up with a daughter, so Jai also revealed he is technically still married to Eliza's mum Megan. Kusam wasn't as bothered by the revelation as Bahri was, and told Jai she previously had a relationship with a dentist who left her for his hygienist. Megan arrived in the café and Kusam invited Megan and Eliza to join them. Megan revealed that had been married before her, and had locked his former wife Charity Dingle in a box when things went wrong with them. She also explained Jai had a coke habit and embarked on an affair with her best friend, twice. She also let slip that Jai has a son with the cleaner, but he was no longer allowed to see Archie due to him planting drugs on his mother. Kusam and Bhari were disgusted by the further revelations and walked out.

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