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Bill Middleton was a colleague and friend of Jock MacDonald at Home Farm. Bill was a cowman and started work at Home Farm in 1984, his boss being Alan Turner. Bill quickly became good friends with the other Home Farm workers. In August 1987, redundancies were possible at Home Farm, but Regional Manager Joe Sugden persuaded Christopher Meadows to keep Jock and Bill on. In January 1988, NY Estates pulled out of Home Farm and Joe and Alan bought the place. Bill was worried about his future but hoped to be taken on by Alan and Joe. Fellow former NY Estates worker Barry also hoped to get a job working for Alan and Joe. Bill and Jock were offered a weeks work at first but then were taken on full time, whereas Barry wasn't. Barry took issue with this and ditched Bill and Jock, then left the village. Bill carried on working for Home Farm.

In February 1993, Bill attended Meg Armstrong's funeral. After this, Bill was never seen in the village again and what happened to him after 1993 is unclear.

Bill is credited in Episode 1847 (1st March 1994) but does not appear.

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