William "Bill" Whiteley was first seen after his house was auctioned off. He received a large sum of money for the house as a result of a high interest rate. After buying himself a new farm, which he renamed "Whiteley's Farm", Bill invited his grandson Pete and granddaughter-in-law Lynn to live with him. Bill was very morbid and obsessed with death, so much so that Ernie Shuttleworth, owner of the Malt Shovel barred him for depressing customers. Bill had the same effect on customers at the Woolpack. He believed that his family wouldn't be able to afford a decent coffin so he got himself one for Christmas. Bill was devastated when Pete was killed in a hit-and-run accident by Kate Sugden. At Pete's funeral, Bill angrily berated Kate's husband Joe after he offered to help the family. Following the birth of his great-grandson Peter, Bill let Lynn and Peter carry on living with him. Bill died off-screen in July 1991 of natural causes.

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