• Sam4293

    Facebook group

    April 21, 2019 by Sam4293

    I don't know if this is any use to anybody, but I've recently created a private facebook group, hoping to one day hold every episode of Emmerdale Farm and Emmerdale. I'm also trying to get everything I can on their from YouTube, with the fear that one day they might be removed. If anybody wants to be added, let me know! Because I'll have to add you due to it being a private group.

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  • Benny1982

    Long term fan of the show, and am interested in collating info on Emmerdale characters and locations past and present.

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  • Aks6609

    Intended to be a complete list of all episodes that need a cast list, an image or locations added. Currently only 2004 & 2008 listed. If you can provide any of the missing casts, images or locations please add them.

    Year Episodes Broadcast Episodes with
    Cast Lists Episodes with Images Episodes with Locations


    • Episode 3628 (6th January 2004) (Change to screenshot)
    • Episode 3629 (7th January 2004) (Change to screenshot)
    • Episode 3653 (4th February 2004) (Change to screenshot)
    • Episode 3693 (22nd March 2004) (Change to screenshot)
    • Episode 3703 (2nd April 2004) (Change to screenshot)
    • Episode 3764 (9th June 2004) (Change to screenshot)
    • Episode 3778 (29th June 2004) (Change to screenshot)
    • Episode 3785 (7th July 2004) (Change to screenshot)
    • Episode 3…

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  • 123lilly123louise123layla

    RIGHT NOW!!! Ryan, Danny and Isobel (Isobel Steele) are taking over the Emmerdale twitter account!!!

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  • Followtheyellowbrickroad

    Would someone be so kind as to finish Episode 8041 (11th January 2018)? Followtheyellowbrickroad

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  • GHDmnespafro

    Shall we delete one of the articles as they are both one and the same person?

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  • Followtheyellowbrickroad

    One thing I've noticed about this wiki is that when edits are made, there are no summaries typed. This could be confusing, so I kindly suggest that you do type edit summaries before you save your edits. 

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  • Danielroxheaps

    Happy Halloween

    October 30, 2017 by Danielroxheaps

    Happy halloween Emmerdalians!!!!

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  • Jacquimac

    New characters

    October 11, 2016 by Jacquimac

    Well a grand entrance from an actress that cannot act!!! Get rid already Story lines getting weak..... Tempted to switch off

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    Emmerdale Village Series is a creative Emmerdale series that I have created myself. There is a total of 300 Episodes that I will make myself when it's time with a number of Major Storylines.

    Home Farm became divided into different businesses which was soon given respectively to three wealthy tycoons: including multi-millionaire Tom King, respected entrepreneur Lawrence White, and legitimate businessman Declan Macey.

    Other major storylines include the following: Cain Dingle's estranged relationship with Charity Dingle has promoted Debbie Dingle to start a new relationship with Cameron Murray, who is having a waged war with Carl King whilst secretly having a relationship with Chas Dingle, Carl's primary love interest.

    As such, both Cain and Char…

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  • Wotter27

    Plans for 2015

    January 1, 2015 by Wotter27

    So as we move into 2015, the Wikia will be celebrating its fifth birthday... However, although set up on February 4th 2010, the resource lay mostly inactive until 2013 where we've been steadily building up our content since and though we're still far from the resource we intend to be, 2014 has been a great year for us and as things stand we now have a page for nearly every episode and cast lists, image and detailed plots are continuing to be added steadily.

    The goals for 2015 will be much the same as last year but the main focus for the start of the year will be to add as many accurate cast lists onto the Wikia as possible, if anyone can help with this, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

    Last but not least, a massive thank you to you if…

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  • Wotter27

    A small report on the state of the 1970s on the Wikia at the moment. Out of a total of 542 episodes this decade - 355 have images, 344 have detailed plots and all 542 have episode cast lists making us the only site in the public domain to carry cast lists for the entire decade! If anybody has any additions in regards of images and plot information, we please welcome you to add them. Some of the casts also need verification, particuarly around the middle years and while that's something I'll be looking to improve at a later date, if anyone is able to verify the credits with the cast lists at the end of the episodes, it would be much appreciated. Next up, the 1980s...

    Year Episodes With image With cast With detailed plot
    1972 20 20 20 20
    1973 1…

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  • Wotter27

    Okay, so anyone who's visited the Wikia over the weekend may have noticed we've started to change our appearance a little bit. Some of our users may have noticed that from the outset, we've always followed the style of Corriepedia almost identically, but now following a brilliant re-design of the main page by XD1, we've hopefully set the wheels in motion for adapting our own style to the Wikia and expanding on what we already have. We've enabled a few new features that we either didn't have before or were buried away in the background and I thought I'd put together a quick blog to introduce everything to our followers...

    Beginning with the main page, we now have two new main additions - the Polling Station and Live Chat. Both are experimenta…

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  • Wotter27

    TV Times

    January 23, 2014 by Wotter27

    Obviously, this Wikia was originally based on the Corriepedia site as some crossover was expected between the two sites being as they're both broadcast within the same hour on the same network. As a result we're trying to incorporate a lot of what is on the Corriepedia into our site and then add to it as ideas develop.

    The TV Times synopsises over on Corriepedia make an interesting read, but what are people's thoughts on a place for TV Times synopsises for our site? Would people be interested in them being added as and when they can? The same rule applies to Emmerdale synopsises with TV Times being the official for ITV network for so long, so they will have been the only TV listings magazine to cover Emmerdale from the very beginning too.


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  • Al98122

    Granada Plus repeats

    May 19, 2012 by Al98122

    Can we have a full list of Granada Plus and Sky Soap repeat dates ?

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  • Chiidatbe

    Dear members,

    Due to the original site admin disappearing for a long period of time from the Wiki, last week I applied for admin rights to the wiki to try and make some changes to the site that only admins can make. However, the Powers That Be would like some comments from the users of this wikia about my idea to become admin which is why I've started this blog.

    I'm very passionate about Emmerdale and am really sorry to see that there isn't really a great archive for information on the show out there as there is for other UK dramas and soaps. I'd like to change that by adding as much content as possible over the few months and getting a detailed page for every episode and every main character to grace the show in the forseeable future.

    My mai…

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