Ashley shares his worries about Arthur with Doug and Doug is fearful that he's considering giving Arthur back to the Dolands. Later, Laurel worries when Arthur stats wheezing and she suggests that he needs Mel, but Doug insists that all he needs is her and Ashley. Doug realises he's running out of time to convince Laurel to bond with her baby and he confides in Betty, who suggests that they sneak out of the house, leaving Laurel alone with Arthur. Laurel is shocked when she realises she and Arthur are alone but when he doesn't immediately wake up, she panics that history is repeating itself. A terrified Laurel gets Mel, who goes with her to the hospital. When Arthur is given the all clear Laurel finally bonds with her baby, while Mel looks on sadly. Bob and Viv invite Donna and Marlon and Jamie and Louise to a family lunch and announce that they'd like the four of them to have joint guardianship of the twins if they're both sent to jail. Louise later suggests to Jamie that it would be sensible to sign the businesses over to them as well but Terry worries about her motives. Also, Jake has his first day cooking at The Woolpack.


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  • This one-hour episode, again with a title, was broadcast at the programme's usual time of 7.00pm.
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