Bob Molesworth is a former employer of Matt Skilbeck, he departed work when he married Peggy Skilbeck and went to work and live at Emmerdale Farm. In July 1973, Bob hears of Peggy's sudden death and arrives in the village to offer Matt a Farm Manager job at Blackfell Farm Federation, and to poach Matt and his children from Emmerdale. He even plans to double Matt's salary and hire a nurse to look after the twins. Henry Wilks hears about Molesworth's plan before Matt does, so he tells Annie Sugden. Once Annie found out about Molesworth's plan, she told him to clear off and leave them alone. Molesworth never bothered Matt again.

Molesworth then took on George Verney's nephew Mark Proctor as an employee. Mark shortly left Blackfell when he argued with Molesworth over calves being locked up.

In January 1976, Annie mentioned how Matt once worked for Molesworth when he met Peggy.

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