Brenda MacFarlane is the wife of Colin MacFarlane.

She first appears looking for Chas Dingle, who was sleeping with her husband Colin when he died. Chas thinks that Brenda wants revenge so she and Lexi Nicholls prepare to run away. However, the following day they meet her when she turns up at Chas's house. To their surprise, Brenda hands them some money to thank them for killing her husband - although Colin died of natural causes.

Brenda reappears on 17th March 2008, when Chas goes to her to ask for her help. Chas and Debbie Dingle are trying to help Jo Stiles get rid of Charlie Sellers, a former prisoner who is staying in Jo's house and threatening her. Brenda agrees to allow Charlie and Chas to rob one of her nightclubs, and let him then get caught by the police. However, the following day things go wrong when Charlie holds the bar manager hostage with a gun. He and Chas escape, but Brenda later comes after Charlie with a "heavy". She tells Charlie to leave and he has no choice but to agree.

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