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Brook Cottage (previously Mill Brook Cottage) is a 3 bedroom cottage in Emmerdale that is currently home to Diane Sugden, her daughter Bernice Blackstock and family friend Charity Dingle.


In the late 1930s a Mr Patterson lived at the cottage and fought at Dunkirk in 1940 in which he saved his battalion but lost a leg. After the war he returned to Beckindale and was nicknamed Peg Leg Patterson. He died in the house.

After the old vicarage was sold, Mill Brook Cottage became the new vicarage with vicar Ashley Thomas moving in with his wife Laurel, daughter Gabby, niece Jasmine Thomas and father Sandy Thomas. During 2005, Steph Stokes also briefly stays at the house. An argument between Jasmine, Daz Eden and Debbie Dingle ends when, in a fit of rage, Daz throws a bottle of vodka, which catches alight and sets Mill Brook Cottage on fire.

Brook Cottage fire in 2006

In April 2006, an argument between Jasmine, Debbie Dingle and Daz Eden resulted in the vicarage accidentally being set on fire, causing the Thomas family to move to Mulberry Cottage

Following the fire, Mill Brook Cottage remained vacant, until Scarlett Nicholls gazumped Matthew King to purchase the property. It was during this time that the name changed to Brook Cottage. Scarlett moved in with her mum Carrie Nicholls and her sister Lexi moved in shortly afterwards. Carrie emigrated to Canada in 2008. In late 2008 King and Sons growing debts caused Scarlett and Lexi to be evicted from Brook Cottage.

In 2010, the house was purchased by Jimmy King after he came into settlement money after accidentally being shot. Jimmy moved in with his partner Nicola, and newborn daughter Angelica. After a few years, the family upsize their house and move to Mill Cottage

When Ali Spencer comes to Emmerdale in 2011 to visit her sister Rachel Breckle, she finds Brook Cottage is rentable and comes to view it. Ali really likes it, so they visit Declan Macey and ask if she can rent the cottage. Ali soon returns to the village with Rachel and her children, Amelia and Sean, to move in but Sean is unhappy when Ali's girlfriend, Ruby Haswell, joins them. 

She, Ruby and the children live quietly for a while until 2013 when Declan's sister, Megan Macey, takes a shine to the cottage and gives them notice to leave as she plans to live there with her son, Robbie Lawson. Megan blackmails the family by threatening to call the police unless the Spencers vacate the cottage within 24 hours. Ali, Ruby and the children leave Brook Cottage to move in with Rachel, leaving the house free for Megan. Following the eviction, Megan and Robbie move in. However, Megan soon moves into Home Farm leaving just Robbie living there. 

Following the fire at Home Farm, Declan stays at Brook Cottage briefly and eventually moves back to Home Farm with Charity Dingle. When Charity finds Robbie sneaking around at Home Farm, he is evicted from Brook Cottage. 

When Dom Andrews and his daughter Gemma Andrews hear that Declan has moved back to Home Farm, they rent the house. After a few months, they are evicted by Declan who needs to try and get some money back. ​​​​While Robbie is sleeping rough, he overhears that Brook Cottage is again vacant. He swipes the keys and starts squatting in the house, unbeknownst to his uncle who still owns the property.

In July 2014, after Lisa Dingle throws Tracy Shankley and Sam Dingle out of Wishing Well Cottage. Declan takes pity on the couple and allows them to move into Brook Cottage where they find Robbie squatting. After Tracy fleeces Sam out of his money in September, she leaves the village and Sam moves back home. Shortly after Robbie is accidentally killed by Declan. The house remains empty until Home Farm Estate is purchased by the White family.

In 2015, following a relationship with Harriet Finch, Ashley Thomas rented the cottage together, thus the house becomes the vicarage again. Sandy and Ashley's son Arthur also move in with them. Sandy stays for a short while before moving in with Edna Birch. After Ashley was diagnosed with dementia and started accidentally calling Harriet 'Laurel', their relationship broke down and Harriet moved in with Edna and Sandy while Laurel moved into Brook Cottage. Ashley, Laurel and Arthur lived in Brook Cottage until 2016 when they moved into Mulberry Cottage so they could spend Ashley's last days in their old family home. 

After selling her share in the Woolpack in early March 2016Diane Sugden moved into the cottage with her partner Doug Potts who lived there until 2018. Diane's daughter Bernice Blackstock moved in following her divorce from Lawrence White, and her daughter Gabby Thomas moved in following Ashley's death in 2017

In 2019, Bernice's fiancé Liam Cavanagh and his daughter Leanna moved in. However, in November 2019, Bernice moved to Australia to support her daughter Dee Dee and in March 2020, Liam was forced to move out after Leanna and Gabby discovered he had moved on from Bernice and started a relationship with Leyla Harding.

Eventually Leanna and Gabby accepted Liam's relationship with Leyla, and Leanna moved out of Brook Cottage to live with her dad in Tenant House. In 2021, Gabby also moved out to Home Farm after falling pregnant with Jamie Tate's baby.

When Charity Dingle was disowned by her son Noah and her granddaughter Sarah, Diane took pity on her and invited her to live in Brook Cottage. In 2021 when Bernice returned unexpectedly from Australia, she moved back in as well.

List of Owners

  • 1930s: Peg Leg Patterson
  • 2003-2006: The Church Diocese
  • 2006-present: Home Farm Estate

Current Residents

Former Residents