Burview Crag is a local beauty spot. In May 1999, Graham Clark took Rachel Hughes to Burview Crag for a picnic. She had been thinking of leaving him due to his controlling behaviour. On the clifftop of the crag, Rachel ran away when she saw a photo of his dead wife, and realised he had made her dye her hair to resemble his dead wife, who Graham said had committed suicide. Graham gave chase. During a struggle, he accidentally pushed her off the cliff but she landed on a ledge. He helped her up but she twisted her knee. Graham then admitted he planted the drugs which got her sacked fro her teaching job, so he could look after her. Rachel was disgusted. Graham said that Rebecca was the same as Rachel, she'd never change. Graham said he could not let Rebecca leave him so had to do something. Rachel worked out that she did not kill herself but Graham killed her. Graham then pushed Rachel off the cliff and she fell several metres to her death, hitting the ground with a sickening crunch. Her body lay overnight at the bottom of Burview Crag and found by Jack Sugden the following day.

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