Butlers Farm Caravan is a caravan on the grounds of Butlers Farm that many of the farmers and farm hands live in during busy periods and when they have nowhere else to go. Andy Sugden, Pete Barton and his father James have all previously lived in the caravan. In September 2015 Pete's brother Ross Barton nearly killed Pete in the caravan.

In December 2016, angry Moira Dingle towed the caravan off her land as her Cain Dingle was living in it. Cain moved the caravan to Wishing Well Cottage set it up outside and Cain's father Zak moved in.

Between 2009 and 2011, there was a smaller caravan at Butlers Farm that Andy sometimes stayed in during the lambing period so that he did not have to walk home after a long day at work. In February 2011, Brenda Walker drove into the caravan with Andy inside it as she thought he was responsible for the fire that killed her partner Terry Woods.

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