Gray is suspicious about Katie and asks what's going on. Paul is evasive but Gray pieces together the truth and realises that Katie is planning something drastic with the baby. Gray discovers that Katie has brought forward the date for the C-section and he angrily confronts her. Jonny intervenes and Katie does a runner to Matthew's. Katie forces Matthew to take her to Perdy, but after collecting her she goes into labour. Perdy helps Katie deliver a baby boy at the roadside just as the ambulance arrives. At the hospital, Perdy unwittingly calls Gray to tell him the news. Katie panics and hands Perdy the baby and a cheque and tells her to flee. Gray is devastated when he arrives at the hospital to find that his son has already gone. Gennie realises Chas fancies the hot new locum vet Josh and does some detective work. Gennie takes Paddy's cat for a check up and finds out whether Josh is single and mentions that Chas is single, too. Gennie is forced to take the cat back for real when she accidentally injures it, but her matchmaking has worked and Josh asks Chas on a date. Also, Val grovels to Louise to let the factory continue at the B&B.


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