Café Main Street (previously Café Hope and Cafe Hope Walker) is located on Main Street. It was formerly a Post Office, shop and Café but following a fire in 2011 which killed original proprietor Viv Hope as well as Terry Woods, Viv's widow Bob Hope decided to just re-open the building as a café.



In March 2002, Viv Hope hired builders Syd Woolfe and Jerry Mackinley to build her cafe on the end of her post office.[1] The cafe was popular among the regulars, and Viv decided to purchase computers for the residents use. However, Betty Eagleton soon stumbled across a live-stream of a camera set up in her living room by Seth Armstrong, showing the world what Betty has done in the "privacy" of her living room.[2] Later in November, Viv's cafe is accidentally burnt down by a drunk Steph Stokes, when she leaves the chip pan on without Viv's knowledge.[3]


In 2015, Bob took some money out of his and Brenda's joint account to help daughter Carly Hope with her new shop, Hope for the Best. When her shop was flooded, Carly then took £2000 out the cafe till which was for Gennie's playground memorial, who was Brenda's late daughter. Bob took some more money out of a pay-day loan and replaced it when Brenda started to become suspicious. After a few weeks, Brenda found out and called the police. Bob and Val Pollard, who had posed as Brenda to get money for the shop, were questioned and then released. Carly had run off which made Bob useless. And after Val died in August, Bob was in even more trouble as Val couldn't stick up for him. But when he found himself in a fight with Finn Barton, Bob was arrested on breach of his bail conditions.

Harriet Finch had agreed to help Brenda track down Carly, and visited Bob in prison. In the visiting room, Harriet saw a criminal that she had locked up and needed to give evidence against, so warned Bob to stay away. Bob then informed her that he was Bob's cellmate. He later beat Bob up in the prison showers and Bob ended up in hospital.


On 18th August 2016, Bob prepared the Cafe for a mothers and children group, hoping that it could become a regular event.[4] The opening, however, was derailed when Belle Dingle burst into the Cafe where, triggered by the sight of infants and tormented by the voice in her head, she suffered a mental breakdown which caused a disturbance.[5]


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