Carmel Morgan was a social worker who tried to find a home for Andy Hopwood in August 1996 following the death of his grandmother. Carmel told the Sugdens that Andy would probably be placed in temporary foster care while they try to find a permanent home for him. She explains he was a difficult child and they had problems homing him before. She also revealed that Andy's mother is still alive but prostitutes herself for drug money. However, there is a problem and Andy is forced to stay with the Sugdens a bit longer, to his delight. However, Jack and Sarah Sugden hadn't told Andy that he would be put into foster care the next day and he was upset to discover he would be leaving the Sugdens.

Carmel returns a week later, informing the Sugdens that Andy has disappeared and asks Robert Sugden if he knows where Andy might be. Robert nearly says something but stops himself.

Carmel returns again in July 1997 and informs Andy that they have managed to track down his father Billy. In December 1997, Carmel discovers that Billy has deserted Andy again and is furious with him.

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