Charles Unwin was the solicitor who informed a stunned Alicia and David Metcalfe that a man named Keith Cheesedale had left Alicia £70,000 in his will. Alicia thought there had been a mistake as she didn't know anyone by that name but she and David took the money anyway. It was later revealed Alicia's sister, Leyla Harding, had been using Alicia's name whilst she was working as a pole dancer and the money was actually meant for her.

In November 2017, Charles Unwin informed Lydia Hart that her maternal second-cousin-once-removed had died, and as the only living relative, she had inherited the estate. Although not having seen her Auntie Mimi for many years, Lydia was saddened to learn of her passing. She was shocked to discover that her Auntie Mimi's real name was Amelia Dumphreys, who she had actually bumped into in Beauty & Bernice on the day of her death.

Charles Unwin was credited as 'Solicitor' despite his name being given in dialogue.

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