Charles Vaughan is a friend of Tom King and the superintendent of Hotten Police Station.

Vaughan first appears when his old friend Tom King is kidnapped by Cain Dingle and Sadie King. Tom later chooses Vaughan as his best man for his Christmas Day wedding to Rosemary Sinclair. Tom is murdered on his wedding day and after his death Vaughan becomes close to Tom's widow Rosemary. Tom's son, Matthew King, makes an unofficial complaint to DCI Grace Barraclough, about their closeness. Barraclough then speaks to Vaughan, who realises that he should have a professional relationship only with Rosemary.

After this investigation, Vaughan continues to appear as the senior police officer. He gets involved in 2008 when Donna Windsor-Dingle makes a complaint about PC Shane Doyle. He advises Donna not to make a formal complaint as it might affect her career. On 30th December 2008, Shane's body is found in a local lake. Early the next month he goes to the funeral of Matthew King.

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