Charlie was a man who Donny Cairn owed £10,000 to. In April 2015, Charlie had Donny kidnapped and threatened Donny if he didn't pay up soon. Donny's ex-girlfriend Chrissie White, who he blackmailed to get the money, hired Ross Barton to make Donny think that Ross was working for Charlie. As he got the money, Charlie arrived at the hotel and Debbie Dingle provided a distraction. Debbie and Ross managed to get away by hiding in a hotel room. As the pair made a run for it, Charlie and Donny spotted Debbie and Ross speeding away in a van and they managed to get away when Ross threw an empty duffel bag out the window.

In May 2015, Charlie managed to track down Debbie and Ross at Debbie's engagement party. Charlie brought heavies with him and demanded his money back but only Ross got in the car. Ross partook in a fight where Charlie told him to throw the fight. Ross refused due to Zak Dingle betting everything on him but Charlie threatened Ross. Ross knocked out his opponent and a furious Charlie upped Ross's debt and threatened to shoot him.

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