Charlie Nelson was a resident in Beckindale in 1973. He used to reside at Rose Cottage. An old wartime friend of fellow villager Sam Pearson, Charlie was a stubborn old man, whom Annie Sugden resented him for some reason. 77 year old Charlie refused help from villagers such as Dr Clare Scott, but she tended to him when he had indigestion. Charlie's new landlord was Andrew Watson who tried to get Charlie to swap with another cottage he owned, but Charlie refused. Edward Ruskin tried to quiz Annie about her dislike for Charlie. It turned out that Charlie's wife Mary Nelson contracted tuberculosis and he refused to take her to hospital, as he wanted to treat her himself, but Mary soon died. Annie had been Mary's best friend and always resented Charlie, because if he had taken Mary to hospital, she may have lived.

In 1980, Annie mentioned a Yates family living at Rose Cottage. Whether it was the same cottage that Charlie Nelson lived at is unknown.

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