Charlie Sellers is a prisoner that Andy Sugden had met in February 2008. Andy and Charlie clashed and the pair quickly became enemies. In one instance, Charlie cut off a call between Andy and his wife Jo, so Andy slams the phone down on Charlie's hand and the pair had to be separated by a guard. Not long later, Charlie beats up Andy and leaves him hospitalised. Charlie is released and he broke into Butlers Farm, grabbing a terrified Jo. Charlie began to store crates of guns in the barns, against Jo's wishes, later forcing her to store them in the loft. Jo had enough and told Charlie to pack his things and go, but Charlie became violent when Jo wouldn't allow him to stay any longer. Charlie then forced Jo to act as an alibi, and a scheming Chas and Debbie Dingle to assist with the robbery - unaware they were setting him up. Chas and Debbie were shocked when Charlie pulled out a gun and held the bar manager hostage, and when they returned to the village he demanded his share of the money. However, the club owner Brenda MacFarlane arrived with a heavy and told him to clear off or else he would be dead. Charlie then left and never returned.

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